How To Become A Successful Restaurant Owner,
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If you are seriously considering owning your own restaurant
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Would you like to know what the restaurant equipment and advertising salespeople are desperately trying to hide from you?

Would you like to know the 3 Biggest Restaurant Myths that causes most owners to waste A LOT OF MONEY?

Would you like to know how to start your restaurant with very little money (Or even NO MONEY)?

I became very frustrated seeing new independent operators lose their dreams, so I've decided to do something about it!

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The Restaurant Industry's
Dirty Little Secrets

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My name is Patricia Farnham and I LOVE the restaurant business!

I have been involved in many aspects of this business for over 25 years.
I've got started as a prep cook and worked as a waitress, bartender, manager, consultant, trainer etc., Finally, on a dare from my husband, I decided to take the plunge and open my OWN restaurant.
To make this adventure more interesting, and to see if I really had the inside knowledge I needed to succeed where so many fail, I bought the worst place I could find
(It was scheduled to close the doors and go under in 5 days!)

Over the next few months I put some of the ideas I had developed while managing and training in other peoples operation to use in MY own operation.

Of course, I made a few mistakes. Tried and tested some things.

Within a few short months I was making a profit and my shop kept growing until lineups were common.

I received a very good offer for my restaurant and grabbed it
(I am currently looking for something bigger!)

In the meantime I noticed a small restaurant was being opened in a strip mall in a city a short distance from me.
I thought to myself, I hope these people know what they're getting into. I had a conversation with 2 veteran successful restaurant owners and we all agreed that unfortunately, the first time rookie restaurant owners probably wouldn't succeed.
I wanted to go in and talk to them.
I didn't have the time that day.
I drove by a few months later and thought that I should go in and talk to them.
Once again, I just never seemed to make the time

Just before Christmas the following year I drove by to see the space dark, the sign reversed, and a large "For Lease" sign in the window!

My heart sank as I realized that another rookie restauranteurs dreams had been crushed!

I decided to write down all the information I KNEW could have helped them.

I then decided to publish it on the internet. I KNEW this information wasn't readily available to the first time restaurant owner. I also knew that this "insider knowledge" could be the difference between opening a restaurant, and STAYING open!

That's why this site is called "Restaurant Pitfalls and Profits"

Sometimes just a little insight and knowledge is all that is standing between closing the doors and being very profitable!

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Can You Make Money By Opening Your Own Restaurant?


Unfortunately, MOST rookies don't!


In the majority of cases, people opening their first restaurant simply don't have the inside information that others accumulate from years of working inside an operation, growing up in a family restaurant, or opening many restaurants over a lifetime. They haven't learned from actually seeing "What Doesn't Work".
They end up believing all the outdated myths!
(and the competition down the street enjoys watching them fall for these lies!)

Why isn't this "INSIDE" information easier to find?

I'm not sure. I suppose it's because the people involved on the outer rim of the restaurant industry don't have the time to tell you all this information.
- A newspaper advertising salesperson can't afford to spend too much time telling you what NOT to do.
- Your suppliers are interested in selling you as much as possible, for the best price they can get; they aren't going to tell you how to get large discounts!
- And your competitor obviously isn't going to be a fountain of helpful information!

There are many places you can go to learn how to write a typical business plan or use a spread sheet. There isn't anywhere I found that gives the tips, tricks and secrets of owning and operating an independent restaurant.

I call this insider information my "Restaurant Gravy"

Opening your own restaurant is NOT a "get rich quick" business!

It's a real business, just like any other legitimate business, it takes some time, many hours and a lot of effort to get rewards.

When working daily in various restaurant and nightclubs, customers would approach me and ask me if opening a restaurant/bar was a good, profitable business idea.

They usually had a cousin, brother, friend or neighbor that was thinking of opening their own restaurant.

I rarely had the hour or 2 to sit down and tell them all the details. I also didn't want them becoming a competitor down the street!

Now, after seeing the high percentage of rookie failures, I have decided to write down ALL my insider information. This is what everyone should know BEFORE they make their final business decision.

I did some "Googling" to find out what other info was out there. There are very few really good sites on starting your own restaurant. Most of them seemed to be of the "Your Meatloaf Recipe Will Make You A Millionaire" hype variety, or sites that sell restaurant equipment and supplies.

I did find a couple of sites that sold "Restaurant Startup" packages or ebooks.

Here's what I found:

The first one was published by a Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer
Question: If you got a start-up manual on how to open a car dealership from Ford, what car do you think they would "advise" you to sell?
The second one was written by a gentleman who had actually "Run A Restaurant"
Later you read that he gained his knowledge working inside a large national chain (spent all his time in an office). Most of his information was specific to large franchise operations. Why didn't he mention this on his sales page?
The 3rd was a fluff filled photocopied report delivered through the mail, and was only 9 pages: "How To Run Your Own Restaurant"
It was written by an anonymous author, seemed like it was copied from a magazine article, or website, and gave NO history of personal experience. Garbage!
The 4th was a glossy "Complete Restaurant And Marketing Program"
Priced at over one thousand dollars I got ANGRY when I found out that it promoted mail order techniques used in the 1950′s and 60′s. It didn't include anything about computers or technology (it talked about cash registers, not POS!) and suggested using new technology like answering machines(?) The price listed for "estimate postage costs of mailings" (10 cents) showed just how outdated this program was!

This lack of TRUTHFUL how-to-start-a-restaurant information has caused some real pain!

It is little wonder that I find many examples of rookie restaurant owners trying to sell their restaurant business at a loss, just to stop the bleeding.

If these owners had better access to this deeper information, there would be a lot less hard working new operators losing their money, and their dreams!

"Due diligence" is simply checking out ALL aspects of a business BEFORE you buy into it. Many big corporations will spend millions and months on due diligence, before they acquire or expand into a new territory. You really NEED to do the same thing.
Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to do proper due diligence, on the restaurant industry, in your local area.


The restaurant business is VERY competitive. Your customers are your bread and butter. If you try and gain some wisdom from a local successful restaurant owner you will be disappointed (or they'll give you BAD advice!). They have no desire to help you become their competition. Your best bet would be to drive a couple hundred miles and set up a lunch with a profitable restaurant owner in another state. You might be disappointed though. The nature of the business makes most restaurant owners very reluctant to talk to new potential owners. The play their cards close to their chest.

In case you are getting the wrong idea at this point; remember that I LOVE the restaurant business! It has allowed me to have a profitable, exciting career and business. I meet a lot of terrific people. There are amazing rewards that are both financial and personal. There is a great sense of pride in knowing you built a successful, profitable restaurant on your own. There is a certain security knowing that your restaurant is running and making a profit while YOU'RE NOT THERE!

Owning a restaurant can be a VERY profitable business!

I just wish that more first time operators were armed with the knowledge I've gained from what I've seen and done.

And fortunately, You Now Have That Option!

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"It is said that with knowledge comes power"

With the insights you will gain from my ebook, you can start your Profitable and >Successful restaurant with much more confidence! I will show you many simple ways to open for Little or No Money!

So What's On The Menu Today?

You can receive my personal opinions, tips, tricks, secrets and on inside knowledge on building a successful restaurant operation. I will detail the concepts as if I were starting over today.

Here's what you'll find in your ebook

A detailed description of my personal restaurant adventure
What you should NOT do! restaurant advice
My opinion on the most common restaurant pitfalls you'll encounter
How to get high quality cheap or FREE kitchen equipment (and the possible downside)
The ONE SINGLE TASK any new restaurant owner MUST focus on to insure they will be VERY successful.
Why advertising can end up KILLING your dream!
How to open your restaurant with very little, or no money, and be profitable MUCH faster!
Tips on how to save LARGE money while ordering supplies!
Are investors a good idea? (you might be surprised!)
What your competition isn't doing right either!
(and why this is a huge advantage for YOU!)
The secret "sneaky" way to do the ultimate market research BEFORE you open!
3 ways to convince YOURSELF that your restaurant with be a Home Run!
Many other tips, tricks and revelations.
(things that most new operators don't consider until AFTER they are open!)

This information will be delivered to you IMMEDIATELY. There will be no waiting for UPS or the post office. It will be delivered to you electronically in just moments.

Here's what you WON'T get

a motivational rah-rah, pump you up inspirational sermon
a triple spaced, watered-down document to try and impress you with it's size
a thinly veiled sale pitch for other products!
basic general business information that is added only to stuff the document
(eg. How to make toast, why you must keep your kitchen clean, etc.!)

There are many books at your local library that can show you how to write a business plan, or design your space.

The information you read inside MY ebook is the "extra" information that can help you succeed in your restaurant. This isn't a complete, "everything you will ever need to know about everything inside a restaurant" operations manual. I'm sure you already know the basics of good customer service, cleaning and the advantages/disadvantages of owning you own business. The specific ideas I have detailed for you is the "Gravy" knowledge of the restaurant industry!

As soon as you finish downloading your information, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and sit back and read the ebook.

This information is a collection of my personal findings and observations from years of actually running, managing, training and owning restaurants.
- I won't make any guarantees that you'll make a million dollars after you read it.
- I won't try to talk you into opening your own restaurant.
- I won't try to talk you out of it either!

My goal is to give you a wider knowledge base than 99% of the people looking into opening their own restaurant. If you decide to pursue opening your own shop, you will be MILES ahead of the pack.

I have decided to charge $25 for this ebook, (I don't like 24.99). As soon as you order your copy, you can have it downloaded in seconds. In a few hours you will have obtained more inside knowledge of the REAL independent restaurant business, and the opportunities and discounts available, than most of new owners who are currently operating.
Unfortunately, most of them are just trying to keep their head above water!

Why Am I Charging $25?

That's simple. The first rule of business. You must make money. This is a simple rule YOU need to adopt! Don't do anything that isn't profitable. Period.

Opening your restaurant and NOT being profitable is a "hobby", not a business.

The wave of the 80′s and early 90′s ignored this rule about being profitable. When the bubble burst they lost billions.

Make no mistake about it, ANYTHING you'll ever have that is WORTH HAVING will come at a price!

There are only 2 ways to gather important knowledge. You can put in the time to learn from the school of hard knocks, or you can get that information from someone who has made the mistakes and is willing to help you avoid them!

I am sure the couple that lost their dream in that strip mall would have paid MUCH MORE than just $25 for this information. I also want to make it affordable to anyone thinking of jumping into their own restaurant!

Hypothetically, if your favorite aunt owned a successful, profitable, established restaurant, and you took her out for lunch to get the "inside scoop" on starting your own restaurant, what would that cost you?

This is EXACTLY the inside info you can learn from me! This information can be your business model, reference guide or your blueprint.

I WOULD NOT let a friend, neighbor, or family member try to start their own restaurant operation WITHOUT THIS INSIDE KNOWLEDGE!

(At one point I had over $50,000 worth of kitchen equipment inside my independent restaurant, being used daily, that I didn't pay a dime for! What's that information worth to you?)

So What's My Motive?

Whether you decide to open your own restaurant, or not, I hope that "Restaurant Gravy" stops the endless parade of well intentioned people who are losing small fortunes, and their dreams, due to a lack of this specific information.

The restaurant business is a GREAT business. It has been VERY good to me. I would like EVERYONE to have an equal shot at success. You deserve a fair start. It's simply a matter of getting knowledge. The independent restaurant business is seen by many as a place that dreams go to die. Hopefully, this information can do a small part in correcting that problem.

You can have this information in your hands in seconds. (yes, even if it's 4:00 am.)


Order Your Copy Today

Restaurant Gravy

"Independent Restaurant Success Secrets Revealed"

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The price of this ebook will be going up. With pay per click services, paid search engines and web hosting companies constantly raising prices and adding different fees, I will keep this particular site profitable, (remember my first rule of business). Therefore, "Buy Now" and beat the price increase!

With the knowledge contained in this document you will learn:

How To Open/Start/Run/Buy/Own YOUR Own Profitable Restaurant


You can start your restaurant for a lot less money than you might imagine. The decision is now yours. Please make an informed one.

Wishing you ALL the best

Patricia Farnham

(restaurant industry veteran, owner/operator, author and enthusiast)

independent restaurant owner

ps. If you are considering investing thousands of dollars to open your own restaurant, PLEASE take the chance that another $25 dollars could really save you energy, anxiety and a lot of money!
(and it's tax deductible as a business expense!)

pps. As a wise man once said, "Everything we have in our life is a direct result of the choices we make, or don't make!"

ppps. Lee Iacocca stated that the number one quality he looked for in a successful business person was, "the ability to make a decision"

ppps. "With the direction of today's economy starting and running your own successful business might be the only TRUE job security!"

Order Your Copy Today For Just $25

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