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you helped me at just the right time. I was trying to talk my wife into going for a large bank loan to open our own restaurant.
Now I'm glad she made me convince her that I knew what we'd be doing. Looking around the web I found your site. I actually thought that the price was too low to be a legitimate book. I changed my mind about getting your book twice. I was going to see my loans manager the day after I decided to buy your book. BOY AM I GLAD I did.
I love some of your startup ideas it will even be far less than the $120K I was going to spend. I am going to donate 10% of the money I save to a charity.

I do not believe in accident and I like to think you wrote this ebook just so I could find it at just the right moment.
Peter Bandee

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Hello Patrica
Thanks for all your insight. I am going to a large city this weekend to do my due dilligence. Isn't that great.
Anyhow thanks to your e-book i have alot more confidence in the upcoming decisions i'm about to make.
Anytime you're in my area please drop in. I have a feelin I'm gonna be busy.
Mike Hawthorn

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I want to thank you for creating this ebook. I was seriously considering buying a local restaurant that was for sale, but after reading your book, I have decided not to. I didn't know what I was getting into. That $25 was well spent on your book, for it saved me over a 150K and a lot of headaches I'm sure. It was very refreshing to hear some honest, unbiased advice.
Jess B.

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Subject: Restaurant Gravy Feedback
thanks for the information....very helpful...I wish I had seen it earlier...got scammed by landlord and a seller.. .but I am on my way to recovering and your information will help a lot...daily sales receipts have already improved 60%! ...thanks so much for willingness to provide mentoring so selflessly...
Bryan Wissner

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Dear Patricia
I bought your ebook and after reading it there is only one thing to say "Thanks". I congratulate you for writing this ebook because only handful of people in this world are willing to share with others what they were given.
Thank you very much for your advise.

Best regards,
Allie J.

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